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Improve your vision and your appearance at our optometrist's office in Lancaster, California. We carry progressive, bifocal, trifocal, and single vision lenses, as well as the latest in lens options and technologies. We also have a full-service laboratory on-site and can provide same-day turnarounds on most eyeglass repairs. We also carry the top brands and are experts in fitting you with the absolute best contact lens products available.

Multifocal Eyeglass Lenses

Multifocal lenses, such as progressives, bifocals and trifocals, are eyeglass lenses that contain two or more vision-correcting prescriptions. Drs. Mewborne and Ellis offers these types of lenses for those who need both their distance and near prescriptions in one lens.

Progressive and Bifocals

Progressive lenses are the most common type of multifocal lens. Progressive lenses have the distance prescription on the top, and gradually transition to a reading prescription on the bottom. Progressives have no line so nobody knows you are wearing a multifocal lens.

In a bifocal lens, the lens is split into two sections. The upper part is for distance vision and the lower part is for near vision. These lenses have a visible line.


Trifocals are simply bifocals with a third section. This additional segment is above the bifocal portion of the lens and is used for viewing things in the intermediate zone.

Mirror Coating

If you are looking for a purely cosmetic lens, mirror coatings allow the eyes to be hidden from view. Coatings come in a variety of colors such as silver, gold, and blue.

Scratch-Resistant Coating & Ultraviolet Coating

Most eyeglass lenses today have built-in scratch resistant coatings and ultraviolet protection. Scratch resistant coatings increase the longevity of your lenses while UV coatings help protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

Transitions and Polarized Sunglasses

Transitions are lenses that automatically turn into sunglasses when you are outside and turn back to clear lenses when you are inside. Many patients find these lenses very convenient because they don't have to have a second pair of sunglasses.

Polarized lenses help reduce glare. Light reflected from water or a flat surface, such as the road, can cause unwanted glare. Polarized lenses reduce this glare and are useful for sports and driving.

Anti-Reflective Coating

This type of coating reduces glare and reflections off of your eyeglass lenses. Anti-reflective coatings also decrease halos around lights and create a cosmetically nicer lens.